Mahaprabhu's Sannyas 500 years furthi Festival 2009.

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PadaYatra Padayatra Festival 2009
Sri Sri Mahaprabhu's 500 year Sannyas purthi Thats why International society for krishna Conciousness ISKCON Bangladesh organized about 80 days program whole over Bangladesh with 8 teams according to this one team working in Sylhet division.

44th day on Lokanath Asram, Moulovibazer, Sylhet
Hare krishna. Pictures on Facebook

43th day on Srimangal, Sylhet
Hare krishna. Pictures on Facebook

42th day on Tilakpur, Kamalgonj, Moulvibazer
Hare krishna. Pictures on Facebook

41th day on Muncibazer, Rajnagor,Sylhet.
Hare krishna. Pictures on Facebook

40th day on Gram Srimongal,Sri Mamongal.
Hare krishna. Pictures on Facebook

39th day on Patilasangan,Jhuri,Sylhet.
Hare krishna. Pictures on Facebook

38th day on Muncibazer,Rajnagor,Sylhet.
Hare krishna. Pictures on Facebook

37th day on Tarapasha,Horipasha,Moulovibazer.
Hare krishna. Pictures on Facebook

36th day on Amtoli,Jhuri,Kulaura. (03-12-09)
Hare krishna. Pictures on Facebook

35th day on Magura,Koulaura,Sylhet. (02-12-09)
Hare Krishna Pictures on Facebook

34th day on Jhuri.Moulovibazer,Sylhet. (01-12-09)
Today we are doing program at Jhuri Sripad Krishna Kirtan Das Br give lecture and Sri Subir Nandi is singing Radha Madhav Kirtan Pictures on Facebook

33th day on Borlekha, Sylhet. (30-11-09)
Hare Krishna Pictures on Facebook

32th day on Shaldhiga, Borlekha, Sylhet. (29-11-09)
Hare Krishna Pictures on Facebook

31th day on Gobindapur, Bhorlekha, Sylhet. (28-11-09)
Hare Krishna Pictures on Facebook

30th day on Daser Bazer, Bhorlekha, Sylhet. (27-11-09)
Hare Krishna Pictures on Facebook

29th day on Ghogra,Borlekha,Sylhet. (26-11-09)
Hare Krishna Pictures on Facebook

28th day on Jokigonj, Sylhet.
hARE KRISHNA Pictures on Facebook

27th day on Beanibazar Sylhet.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada Pictures on Facebook

26th day on Chatak, Sunamgonj, Sylhet.(23-11-09).
Today is 23 Nov,We doing Padayatra at Chatak form 12pm start Sankirtan Rally and then From 4 pm Start Bhaisnav Bhandana by Maha Sankirtan Das Br, Guru Bhandana by Achintya Nityananda Das Br.,Gita Discussion then Lecture about Sri Gaura Glories Rasagour Das Br.,Accountant Sri Radha Madhav temple,Debarshi Sribas Das,Acinchan Gour Das,Secretary Namhatta Sanga,Sri Pandhav Gobinda Das,President Iskcon Doyara Bazer,Chief guest Sripad Nabawdip Dwija Gauranga Das Br.Vice President Iskcon Bangladesh And President Iskcon Sylhet.Gauranga Chakraborty,Director Sri Gauranga temple,Chatak. Sound Operate By Sri Mohan Gobinda Das Br. Then Vedic Drama "Sakki Gopal" by ISKCON Sylhet. Them Multimedia Showing. Thanks all of devotees So many local devotees participate in Festival. Pictures on Facebook

25th day on Sibbari, Sylhet.(20-11-09).
Hare Krishna All of Gaura Bhakta whole over the world Pictures on Facebook

24th day on Kanaighat, Sylhet.(18-11-09).
Hori Bol Pictures on Facebook

23th day on Jaintyapur,Sylhet.(17-11-09).
Hare Krishna Pictures on Facebook

22th day on DHAKA DAKKIN SRIDHAM.(16-11-09).
Sriman Mahaprabhu's father's Place Dhaka Dakkin Golapgonj,Sylhet Pictures on Facebook

21th day on Deul Gram, Charchai, Sylhet.(15-11-09).
Pictures on Facebook

20th day on Balagonj, Sylhet.(14-11-09).
14 november Balagonj organised program.Agorgious program happen Pictures on Facebook

19th day on Bishwannath, Sylhet.(13-11-09).
At morning we're doing Nagar-sankirtan. So many devotees participate with us and Chanting, Dancing with the Holy Name of Lord Krishna. Pictures on Facebook

18th day on Goyalabazer,Osmaninagar,Sylhet.(12-11-09).
Sripada Krishna Kirtan Das Brahmachari, Sri Rajadharma Das Brahma chari,Sri Navadwip Dwija Gauranga das Brahmachari,Sri Jagat Guru Gauranga das Brahmachari,Sri Buddi Gaur Das Prabhu participate and so many devotess hearinag Goura Kotha Pictures on Facebook

17th day on Fenchugonj, Sylhet.(11-11-09).
Oh how nice program. Pictures on Facebook

16th day on Sylhet.(10-11-09).
Lecture about mahaprabhu
Special guest,Cheif guest,so many devotees gave nice lectures about Sriman Mahaprabhu. Pictures on Facebook

15th day on Gobindagonj(Digli), Sylhet.(09-11-09).
Hare Krishna. Pictures on Facebook

14th day on Sunamgonj Sader, Sunamgonj.(08-11-09).
All glories to Srila ptabhupada & Gurudeva. Pictures on Facebook

13th day on Derai, Sunamgonj (07-11-09).
Derai, Sunamgonj program Pictures on Facebook

12th day on Pagla, Sunamgonj (06-11-09).
Nice Festival of 12th day on Pagla, Sunamgonj (06-11-09) . Pictures on Facebook

11th day on Jaynagor, Sunamgonj (05-11-09).
We are doing program today south Sunamgonj at Jaynagor. Pictures on Facebook

10th day on Polash, Sunamgonj (04-11-09).
Oh Krishna you are so mercyfull.
By the grace of Mahaprabhu about 1500 devotees came to see our program. They were very curious to see our program whole night but we are unable becoz next day also our program. Oh Mahaprabhu u give mercy to all of them.
All glorie to Srila Prabhupada & Gurudeva Pictures on Facebook

9th day on Doyarabazar,Sunamgonj (03-11-09).
We arrange program in our Iskcon temple of Doyarabazar,Sunamgonj Pictures on Facebook

8th day on Jagannathpur,Sunamgonj (01-11-09).
Hare Krishna Toady we are doing program at Jagannathpur,Sunamgonj.
how nice arrangement. Pictures

7th day on Samarchar, Derai, Sunamgonj (31-10-09).
Hare Krishna
Plz Accept our obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
We are doing program today Samarchor. Pictures

6th day on Gaunggargao(SALLA), Derai, Sunamgonj (30-10-09).
Nice journey we reached here and they arrange nice pandel or everything. Pictures

5th day on Kujargao, Jamalgonj, Sunamgonj, (29-10-09).
Nice program today we are doing.
Villege people are really simple.They hv simple life.Today so many devotees attened for hearing Krishna/Gaura Katha.. Pictures

4th day on Sacna, Jamalgonj, Sunamgonj (28-10-09).
Our program going on whole day so many devotees participate here,there our no brance the local temple committee told us that they want to givr temple to us means ISKCON. Pictures

Third day on Darmapasa, Sunamgonj (27-10-09).
Mahaprabhu's Sannyas 500 years furhi Festival 2009 ki jay. Toady we are doing program at Darmapasa,Sunamgonj. Pictures.

Second day on Madyanagar (26-10-09).
Today we are in Madya nagar PadaYatra Now Nagar paricroma starting.Every one plz pray Mahaprabhu & chant Hari Nam.Hare Krishna Pictures.

First day on Tahirpur (25-10-09).
Today is 25 october we are at Tahirpur Sunamgonj.We reach that place at 2.00pm then we take Prasadam then we do Nagar Paricroma,then respectively Tolasi Arathi,Si Sri Goura Arathi,Nrishimha Arathi,Bhajan,Lectures and Multimedia Show .Hare Krishna. Pictures.

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